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new synthetically accessible compounds found using M1 Platform

Approximate number of known compounds

unexplored but scientifically possible chemical compounds
up to 10^60

Drug Discovery

towards the perfect pipeline

When all components of the M1 platform are deployed, along with a proprietary dataset, your entire discovery pipeline benefits. You may generate millions of compounds with high estimated synthetic accessibility, reduce reaction failure rates at the bench or automate your synthesis workflows. That enables your team to focus on more crucial discovery tasks.


We can help you build a pipeline where the scope is no longer limited by chemistry.

Our Approach

International Patent Data

Custom Lab Experiments

Academic Research


Bench focused

The drug discovery process is slow.


There are many factors that contribute to this, including chemical synthesis — the process of making physical samples of compounds selected for drug targets.

The process is absolutely vital to drug discovery. But the methods have not changed much over the past 40 years and the chance of unexpected failure remains as high as 50%.

The conventional approach to Design, Make, Test, Analyze (DMTA) requires considerable investment of time and money.

Chemists often rely on incomplete data, manual processes, and plenty of trial and error. We are here to change that.


Thanks to advances in AI, we can dramatically accelerate the synthesis planning process by adopting known chemical reactions to new compounds.

Synthesis planning is only as good as your data. Our tools incorporate the most relevant data from a wealth of sources, including our own proprietary datasets.​

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