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The M1 Platform

The M1 Platform spans the pre-clinical pipeline to maximize improvements in chemistry . We have integrated our AI into a suite of tools that are designed to assist bench chemists, data scientists, and computational chemists in solving the challenges of organic synthesis.

Each technology is designed to address different challenges along the discovery pipeline.

We are chemists, too. Our UI is designed around the most important component: the people in the lab.

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The next generation of reaction prediction tools.

Combining the most powerful elements of our ML models with our proprietary datasets, ReactionM1 can provide an accurate and specific list of conditions required for desired achieving a target reaction, along with prediction of success probability. 


The world's first commercially available AI powered retrosynthesis pathway planner.

Easily draw target compounds and receive a variety of different routes, which you can refine based on available material, equipment, or other factors.

We have also partnered with suppliers so you can order building blocks or other material with just a few clicks.

M1 RetroSAS

Need to screen tens of thousands

of compounds for synthetic accessibility? Meet M1 RetroSAS.

  1. Screen 10,000 per hour on our basic plan, 

  2. Consult related reactions from databases

  3. Sort by different parameters such as SAS or starting materials

  4. Easily export to other applications

Syntheses are automatically ranked according to your specified criteria and their potential for success.

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