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Our Story is a tech-bio company based in Warsaw, Poland on a mission to solve the unpredictability of organic chemistry so drugs can be made faster. 


We leverage our diverse background in organic chemistry, artificial intelligence and software to build solutions that speak to and empower chemists. 

To date raised $5m in pre-seed & seed rounds, has worked with 6 of the world's largest biopharma companies, and in 2019 was the first CEE startup
ever to launch at Startup Battlefield TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco.


team members

(and growing) is a fast-growing company. If you want to work with us to make our vision happen please get in touch.



We are a collection of talented, ambitious, and innovative people working to improve drug discovery.

"Solve the unpredictability of chemical synthesis and you will transform the way drugs are made."
Piotr Byrski, CEO

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Co-founders Piotr Byrski, MD (L) and Paweł Włodarczyk-Pruszyński, MD (R)

We are a team of 27 experts with a background in academia and expertise in AI and chemistry.

What connects us on the molecular level is that we are all driven by the company’s mission: to help make medicines faster.


Our unique culture fosters diverse thinking and leverages the expertise of all team members. We believe in collaboration and working together toward a common goal, rather than in silos or hierarchy.

To continually improve and innovate, we hold internal chemistry lessons and machine learning seminars, as well as collaborate with external consultants who bring valuable knowledge and experience to the table.

At the core of our company is the scientific method, which allows our team to find the best solutions by taking risks and experimenting.

We prioritize focused work time and minimize mandatory meetings to allow for maximum productivity. Additionally, we encourage our employees to work on projects of their own choosing, in pursuit of their individual passions and interests.


Our values

At we treat our values as a very important framework for making both everyday & strategic decisions. They can guide you on whether you will have a good time working with us.

Rules & roles are our tools — not goals

We treat processes as a means to an end, and as a rapidly growing organization, we have not yet implemented as many of them as more mature organizations have. If you thrive in places with a lot of flexibility — you will thrive here. If you prefer a more rigid and well-defined structure as in a large corporation — you may struggle at times.

Act proactively in M1’s collective interest

We all believe in M1's mission and want M1 to succeed. Each of us contributes daily to this success, and it is in our all common interest to achieve it. We sometimes are OK with performing tasks that are needed for M1’s collective interest, even if they are not the most glorious ones or not part of our role — though we strive to minimize the need for that.

Embrace the unknown

A unique characteristic of is that we solve extremely challenging technical & scientific problems. To do that, we are experimenting a lot. You have to be comfortable with making mistakes, but also measuring everything you do and correcting course promptly. Sometimes, even the problem definition is elusive at first. All this can be overwhelming for a person who requires their supervisor to define goals clearly, but a great opportunity for someone looking to explore the unexplored.

Think from scratch

We solve problems by first understanding them deeply, from first principles. We understand that progress is often made by reinventing the wheel. Notably, that doesn't mean doing everything from scratch. If you prefer always defaulting to already published or validated approaches — you will struggle. Conversely, if you like defying conventional wisdom — you will find much room for that at M1.

React ideas

We treat everyone's ideas and perspectives as essential and equal regardless of seniority. We recognize that a diverse range of ideas is more valuable than a limited number of expert opinions, increasing the likelihood of finding optimal solutions to complex problems. We do not look at the title or seniority of the person who has submitted the idea — ideas good by an agreed-upon standard are implemented and rewarded. On the other hand, this requires everyone to speak up when they disagree with the collective wisdom.

Quest worth taking

Faster drug discovery means better outcomes for patients. Our mission is to solve the unpredictability of chemistry to speed up drug discovery. We recognize that it will be a long journey. We all think it is worthwhile. Hence, we are OK with working on challenging problems, and sometimes in challenging circumstances, because we strongly care about the end goal.

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